Auto Pin your Magento product images to Pinterest

Posted on October 5, 2012 ยท Posted in Extensions

MagenTools Pinterest APIWe all know that Pinterest is quite capable to attract customers for any business. Displaying products on Pinterest is just like keeping your product in front of crores of people. And if it is placed in relevant category, than your products are being displayed to potential users. But sometimes it’s painful when you have lots of product images and you don’t want to give time in publishing them to Pinterest. May be you hire someone who does this task for you. But now, there is no such need.

MagenTools has developed a Pinterest API extension where you could choose the board to upload your product image into. It’s just very easy and not only you can pin single image, but also you can pin hundreds of pins by just one click. Just filter your Products grid to display products of some category, select images you want to pin and choose the board where these images should go on Pinterest. That’s it!

There’s also another feature, whenever you create/edit any product, there is an option at the bottom tab (named, MagenTools) in the Product details page, where you can choose a board where your pins will be published. You can just leave it empty if you do not wish to auto post it to Pinterest.

You can configure the description that should go with every pin. By default, only name of product goes with image, but you can enable SKU and Price (special price if any, else regular price) if you want users to see that.

Get more details and pictures on its extensions page:

Check how it will look after pinning images through our extension: